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This is a group where anyone can post their Renamon based stories. Whether it be an action story, romantic story, or horror story, all are accepted.
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Mar 6, 2011


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78 Members
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Renamon's sad tale by DigimonReach Renamon's sad tale :icondigimonreach:DigimonReach 21 12
Mature content
Digimon Galaxy chapter 30 :icondigimonreach:DigimonReach 4 11
Mature content
Digimon Galaxy chapter 29 :icondigimonreach:DigimonReach 3 15
Mature content
Digimon Galaxy chapter 28 :icondigimonreach:DigimonReach 3 14
Digimon Galaxy chapter 27
A strange new world
Chris:"Where on earth are we now?"
Owen:"I don't have a clue"
Kyle:"Look on the bright side. It's nice here"
Alex:"At least there are no more Digimon to deal with"
Bryan:"No but we still need to find out where we are"
Kyle:"Hold on, let me check my Ipod. I can get a satellite signal. ---- Hang on, no signal? That's odd"
Chris:"Let me try"
Lifting his digivice he scanned the area, as he looked over the map he realised that the range was very low as there were too many trees. Chris then started to scale a nearby oak tree, once near the top he tried again, as it failed again he then looked up. He gasped.
The woodland continued for miles, there were unusual rock mountain formations with a waterfalls pouring out of the sides. There were small cave openings covering the entire area and patches of woodland were broken up by other small gravel and sand lined lakes.
Chris:"Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore"
Plesiomon:"Where the hell are we?"
Chris:"I have no idea b
:icondigimonreach:DigimonReach 3 7
Digimon Galaxy chapter 26
Kyle:"You can help us get back?"
Wizardmon:"Of course. However naturally I will require something in return"
Owen:"If it's a tamer then bugger off"
Wizardmon:"I wasn't going to ask for that. I have no need for a tamer"
Bryan:"What then?"
Wizardmon:"That big yellow device I found looks rather interesting. I will be willing to help you if you trade that"
Kyle:"Done. I don't need it anymore. I can buy another one when I get home"
Wizardmon:"Very good. I will just make Dinorexmon to get lost then I will help you"
A small orb of light shone from the darkness and it then flew past the group out of the cave. Shooting up into the air it expanded then it exploded sending a lightning bolt hurtling down towards the reptile. As it hit the ground just in front of him it startled him so much he turned and sprinted back up the river where it had come from.
Stunned but grateful the group then saw yet another orb, this one was larger and much slower than the last. Drifting past them it then start
:icondigimonreach:DigimonReach 1 1
Mature content
Digimon Galaxy chapter 25 :icondigimonreach:DigimonReach 2 3
Digimon Galaxy chapter 24
Mystery presence
The next morning Owen found something very interesting just outside the huts. After looking over it for a few minutes Orlando walked out to see it, the two were stunned yet thrilled to see such a thing. When Kyle saw it he instantly recognized it.
It was his yellow and chrome Smart Roadster that he had left in the desert the very day that they had arrived in the Digital world three weeks ago. As he inspected it there seemed to be nothing wrong with it, only some sand inside and an empty fuel tank. On the seat was a small piece of paper, it had a note on it.
"I found this in the desert. I believe it belongs to you. You should really look after your things better.
P.S. Nice work with Tuskmon, pity about what happened when you entered that house the other day"
Kyle suddenly looked very nervous. The note clearly pointed towards the fact that they were being spied on by somebody or something. It obviously had been for a while as they had seen them enter the house that colla
:icondigimonreach:DigimonReach 2 0
Digimon Galaxy chapter 23
Reptiles hate ice
Renamon peered at the battle from inside her tree; too weak to fight she could only watch as her friends risked their lives. The therapod was far too large for most of the group to handle so the only two who could do any damage were Seadramon and Plesiomon. However even they struggled to drive him off as continued to swipe at them with his claws.
As Seadramon was about to charge up an ice blast Tuskmon lowered his head down and charged with his spikes pointing directly at him. Just before the sharp tips impaled him he swerved to one side but the crown of Tuskmon's head still slammed into his front.
With the force of a train he was pinned to a tree in between the two long tusks. Plesiomon smacked the side of his jaw into his wounded side knocking him to the floor. Standing up again he then lowered his tucks and then as Plesiomon moved forwards he lifted his heavy body up and over his back with his long horns. Landing with a great thud behind him Plesiomon called Seadra
:icondigimonreach:DigimonReach 2 0
Digimon Galaxy chapter 22
Sickness virus
In the morning Renamon was woken by Kyle, the light pouring in through the opening shone in her eyes. Her head was aching badly and her mouth was as dry as the desert that surrounded them. She could barely remember what had happened the night before but she knew that she had been drinking too much alcohol. She then decided never to drink that much again to avoid embarrassment.
Kyle:"How are you this morning?"
Renamon:"My head is killing me. How much drink did I have last night?"
Kyle:"Quite allot. I must say it was hilarious when you tried to be a cardinal"
The purple streaks under her eyes blushed red. She remembered how much of a fool she made of herself. Kyle saw that she was embarrassed so he quickly changed the subject.
Kyle:"Nevermind. Lets carry on with the day. Anything I can get for you?"
Renamon:"If you still have some medicine on you that would be good. My head feels awful"
Kyle:"I will see if I can find any"
Renamon:"Thank you"
Some of the other members of th
:icondigimonreach:DigimonReach 2 6
Digimon Galaxy chapter 21
Cardinal Renamon
The two wounded Digimon refused help as they were not badly hurt but the group still tried. After being turned down several times they accepted that they did not wish to trouble them so instead they continued their duties for the rest of the day as if nothing had happened.
A day in the Digital world was slightly shorter than in the real world which meant that they had longer evenings to do as they wished. As the light started to dim on the horizon they lit some torches they had placed around the area and started the fire. Renamon walked over to Kyle seeing that he was having trouble with his phone.
Renamon:"What seems to be the trouble?"
Kyle:"My phone has run out of charge. I found out yesterday that I could get an internet signal for some reason but now I can't use it anymore"
Renamon:"Give me a minute. I might be able to fix it"
She walked over to Ravickmon who was sitting with Bryan by the lakeside. The two decided to do some evening fishing to pass the time.
:icondigimonreach:DigimonReach 3 2
Mature content
Digimon Galaxy chapter 20 :icondigimonreach:DigimonReach 2 4
Digimon Galaxy chapter 19
Construction of a new settlement
Kyle sat there with his eyes wide open as he listened to the story that Renamon told him. His life flashed for a split second when he realised that the two of them were very lucky to be alive. He looked down to his bleeding ankle, it was still very painful but he was thankful that he was not hurt as badly as others.
Owen and Alex were still lying in the leaf tent, both had critical wounds but they were still holding on to what life they had left. Alex was the first to wake; the first thing she remembered was what happened to her. Images of the arm raising up then being swung at her head flashed before her eyes but she snapped out of the trance when she felt the pain.
The agonising throbbing of a migraine and bruised ribs pulsated through her whole body. She could not move her legs or arms but she tried her best to talk. Gatomon heard her stirring so she ran into the hut and leaped onto the bed to meet her.
Gatomon:"Alex! You're alive!"
Alex:"W-what happ
:icondigimonreach:DigimonReach 2 0
Mature content
Digimon Galaxy chapter 18 :icondigimonreach:DigimonReach 2 2
Mature content
Digimon Galaxy chapter 17 :icondigimonreach:DigimonReach 2 1
Mature content
Digimon Galaxy chapter 16 :icondigimonreach:DigimonReach 2 3
Been a while since the last blog...

We need more Renamon related literature in this group. So I need you, the members, to help me find some great stories.

This group accepts ANY kind of Renamon literature, as long as it is maturely written (E.X. No feet worship or wedgie-giving. =.= ). Any genre is accepted here. Action, suspense, horror, action, drama, romance, even erotica. (As long as the erotica is clean. No vore or anything like that.)

So let's find some great stories with Renamon in them!!

And if you have any writings that you want in the group, just ask and I will look over them. =D

~Bryan Comeau

:What isn't allowed:

Anything erotic that is considered disgusting. Because Renamon is beautiful! She can be in erotic writings, but they need to be clean-erotic.
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So it would seem that our favorite Digimon is going to be facing off against Lucario from Pokemon in Screwattack's Death Battle on Youtube. The last time these two faced off in 1-Minute Melee they fought each other to a draw. Here's hoping Renamon has what it takes to emerge victorious this time.
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I hope Bryan will come back. I started working on a story with the Writer app Tuesday. I'm at 1200 words right now. I want around 2000 words per chapter. 600 words per day (yesterday was a day off). I'll keep on going until I run out of ideas. I was planning on 10 chapters or more, and maybe, just MAYBE, 20 chapters. And don't expect perfect english. I'm still learning (I'm in Hungary (no, not "hungry", Hungary!))
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